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Kohler Honored for Water Conservation Efforts

Kohler is presented the Water Prize in the private sector category by the US Water Alliance (left to right): Radhika Fox, CEO of US Water Alliance; Davor Grgic from Kohler; and Snehal Desai from Dow Water & Process Solutions.

On June 27, the US Water Alliance recognized Kohler Co. for its water conservation efforts by awarding them with the US Water Prize at the One Water Summit in New Orleans.

The Water Prize is presented annually in five categories, including a private sector organization for outstanding achievement in advancing sustainable solutions to water challenges. Water Alliance leaders recognized Kohler as this year’s private sector honoree for its development and promotion of water-efficient products that meet the EPA’s WaterSense efficiency requirements.

“Since 2011, the US Water Alliance has worked to advocate for the true value of water and promote policies and practices that ensure safe water for all Americans,” said Radhika Fox, CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance. “We are thrilled to recognize Kohler’s efforts over the last 10 years by honoring the company with our 2017 Water Prize."

Since the EPA launched WaterSense in 2006, Kohler has created more than 700 new models of toilets, faucets, showerheads, and urinals that carry the WaterSense label. Nearly all Kohler products launched since 2010 meet WaterSense requirements for water efficiency. In total, Kohler water conservation products have helped Americans save nearly 140 billion gallons of water, avoid 3.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions associated with pumping, treating and heating that water, and save more than $2.3 billion on their water, sewer and energy bills, per EPA calculations.

Davor Grgic, Kohler’s vice president of sustainability, accepted the award on the company’s behalf.

“Kohler is committed to innovating products to be more environmentally sustainable, from material selection to end use,” he said. “In addition, we are encouraging consumers to do their part to reduce their home’s water consumption and protect our nation’s water supply.”

Kohler has been a partner of the EPA’s WaterSense program since its founding and has earned nine consecutive awards for its leadership in producing and promoting water-efficient plumbing fixtures, faucets and showerheads.

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Information provided by Contractor Magazine. View the original story here.

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