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Creative Uses for Black Iron Pipe

We have black iron pipe in stock and ready for your next job. It is normally used for gas lines in residential or commercial buildings. However, we recently noticed that some people have creative uses for black iron pipe that we just love! Have look below, and perhaps it will inspire you to come up with your own creation, or make one of the ideas below. Contact us for to place your order of black iron pipe.

About Black Iron Pipe:

Although black iron pipe has iron in its name, it's actually made of low-grade, mild steel. Mild steel is a soft steel that can be easily welded and cut with a torch. Dealers and industry professionals in America will simply refer to schedule 40 steel pipes when talking about black iron pipe. Mild steel is used because it can bend; it can be cut with a torch and is much easier to work with overall. Knowing what black iron is made of is important because the iron's thermal properties are different from those of mild steel.

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