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Call or write us with any questions you have, to place an order, or to request a blueprint design. 

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We offer a complete line of plumbing parts and supplies from a variety of trusted manufacturers for residential and commercial applications, available for wholesale and retail. We also provide design services and installation support for builders, contractors, engineers, and those who Do-It-Yourself. 



We supply residential and commercial drainage products from Sioux Chief, including shower drains, trim kits, square drains, trench drains, and more.


Every kind of fitting you need to get the job done right; brass fittings, black iron fittings, copper fittings, CPVC fittings, PEX fittings, press fittings, rubber fittings, and more.


We have all the fixtures you need for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, outdoor areas, or anywhere you'd like them. Faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, and specialty items such as whirlpool tubs and bidets, and more.


We offer a large variety of quality piping for residential and commercial applications, including copper, galvanized, black iron, cast iron, CPVC, PVC, and PEX. We also carry pipe clamps, struts, and insulators. 

Plumbing Trim

Put the finishing touches on every job with our plumbing trim, with choices from supply lines, washing machine hoses, wax rings and bolts, stops, soap dispensers, shower heads, tub and shower trim, and more. 


We have valves for all applications, such as ball valves, check valves, tub and shower valves, balancing valves, mixing valves, relief valves, zone valves, and much more.

Repair Parts

We are here to help you keep things going with the parts you need. We have a long list of repair parts for boilers, circulators, faucets, furnaces, water heaters, toilets, and more. Contact us for a complete list.

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