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Call or write us with any questions you have, to place an order, or to request a blueprint design. 

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We specialize in residential and commercial radiant heating applications, proudly working with Infloor Heating Systems, a trusted brand of radiant heating, to bring you the very best radiant heating solutions, components, and designs. Radiant heating has a variety of installation options, including concrete, gypcrete, Infloorboard, directly under the floor, and more, and can be used for primary space heating or floor warming. Learn more about Infloor at


Complete Radiant Heating Systems

We have everything you need to install, repair, or design the very best radiant heating systems available. We can design a radiant heating system specific to your project's requirements, performing all the calculations, compiling the materials list, and answering all your questions.

Custom Mechanical Boards

Let us do the work for you in the mechanical room. Each board is custom created for each individual project and comes fully assembled, pre-piped and pre-wired. Simply attach the board to the wall and connect it to the system. Boards can be equipped with multiple zones. This great product can save you many hours of installation labor.

Electric Cable

We offer high-quality Infloor electric cable, which is easy to install, giving you an economical way to include radiant heating into any project. Cables can be designed to fit any sized room or outdoor area, and may be utilized for primary space heating or simple floor warming. The cable is available in Standard or Heavy-Duty, and is approved for use in wet locations, including shower areas.

PEX Tubing

We offer Infloor tubing, available in 3 kinds; PEX-non-barrier tubing from cross-linked polyethylene, BPEX-oxygen barrier tubing from cross-linked polyethylene, and PEX-AL-PEX-pex aluminum pex tubing from cross-linked polyethylene.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

We have a variety of magnetic drive pumps to meet the demands of different sized hydronic radiant heating systems. Some models include advanced features such as a digital read out, diagnostic capabilities, and a self-exercising function to keep it fit and running right.


We supply Copper and Brass manifolds for residential and commercial hydronic heating applications. They consist of a supply and return manifold with mounting brackets completely assembled. Manifolds provide complete control over each loop and will precisely regulate the fl­ow and allow for individual loop control as well as isolation, air elimination, and purging capabilities.

Mixing Valves

We have 3-way and 4-way mixing valves, designed to provide the proper temperature to the radiant zone when the water temperature from the heat source is higher than the required water temperature for the radiant zone.

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