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Thank you for sharing your story with us. We appreciate your time, and value you as a customer.

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We have the privilege of designing and being involved in lots of really cool projects, both locally and nationally. And the people we work with are simply the best! We value our customer relationships, and enjoy being able to provide your plumbing, heating, and HVAC supplies and share our knowledge when it’s needed to ensure you are always on the right path. And we’d love to hear about your project and/or experience working with us.


We invite you to share your experience, project, thoughts, and stories with us. One sentence or a few paragraphs, it’s up to you on how much you share. Not only does it help us get to know you more, your story can help others learn about the benefits and comfort of the products we offer and learn about new ideas, solutions, and what it's like doing business with us.


  • Is your heating system saving you money on your energy bills?

  • Do you love your bathroom fixtures?

  • Was your project unique or different?

  • Maybe you just want to shout to the world how much you love us and what we do for you!


Whatever you’d like to say, we’re listening. Some stories may be selected to be included in our Project Showcase. If so, we will contact you for permission and further information. Please include your name and email address for contact purposes. We are looking forward to your story. We appreciate your time, and your story. Thank you!


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