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Now’s The Time to Give Your Furnace a Fall Tune-Up

Fall is here, which means many of us are ready to fire up the furnace for the months ahead. It also means now’s the time to have your furnace serviced and cleaned to ensure the best possible performance this winter, when you will need it most.

It’s a good idea to perform basic annual furnace maintenance each fall to ensure your heating system is running efficiently. This annual inspection can save your system from wearing out too quickly, releasing deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working.

A clean, well-adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong the furnace life. Annual servicing is affordable—typically less than $100—especially when compared with the price of a new furnace.

While many homeowners can perform general maintenance and cleanings, a professional inspection and tune-up is a good investment. The pros have the skills and equipment to ensure that any parts that might degrade over time are still functioning properly.

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